How to get free bitcoins- Trading

Earning free bitcoins has become a kind of trend. Everyone wants to possess bitcoins and they would rather earn free bitcoins than do something for them.While there are several ways you can earn bitcoins like playing free games loaded with advertisements or perform little tasks for some satoshis, the most popular and big ways on how to get free bitcoins are trading and gambling


Trading in Bitcoins requires you to speculate the market like other forms of trading. You need to have a third eye for where the market is headed and through investment in which cryptocurrency will you earn a profit.

This also works with assets. You buy an asset for a certain price and then sell it at a higher price in another place, thus making a profit in the difference. This can be done on various websites such as bit4coin.

You have to be careful and learn your trade before venturing into Bitcoin trading. You must know how the market works and when to make a purchase or sale. In this sense, Bitcoin trading is a lot like gambling where you don’t know the outcome of your dice throw.


Gambling for bitcoins is win it all or lose it all. That is why it is never a safe way to invest in bitcoins. While a lot of gambling websites are putting up bitcoin gambling as part of their games, gambling has always been an insecure way of making profits. So its insecure to earn free bitcoin through them

Bitcoins are being preferred because they allow very small units of bets. This has made bitcoins a favorite form of gambling currency. Bitcoins are used in all sorts of gambling games including slot machines, blackjack, texas hold’em and various others.

Those who are interested in earning bitcoins can consider bitcoin mining as well. However, it is not free and you have to pool in a certain minimum amount of money in order to earn returns. Some websites claim guaranteed returns on investments, but due to the sheer level of scams these days, it is best to be careful.

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