How to choose the right dental fillings

It is known fact that most people try to maintain good health to the maximum extent possible including the reduction of consumption of sugar. However they may have to visit the dentist to get broken tooth or teeth restored.

Ways to prevent tooth decay

It is not difficult to prevent tooth decay. People need to floss at least a day and brush twice a day. The intake of sugar should not be more than thrice a day. Sugar is found everywhere such as fruits, soft drinks and sweets. Hence the intake of all these should be minimized to the least. People who have problem of tooth decay are advised to make use of fluoride mouthwashes or high fluoride dental flosses to avoid the tooth decay to worsen. In the modern day there are number of dental filling materials such as amalgams, gold cast, tooth colored composite fillings to mention a few.

Silver fillings or (Amalgam)

Dentists make use of Amalgam which is liquid mercury mixture and metal alloy which is used to fill the cavities caused by tooth decay. However family dentistry los angeles prevents its usage as the mercury can have an adverse affect on human health.

Tooth colored composite fillings

This is useful in filling the anterior and posterior teeth. This is in a form paste which the dentists apply on the damaged part of the tooth. In addition the dentists adjust the bite and polish it as well. This is mostly used for fixing the front teeth or tooth which may have been damaged by decay or cracked or worn.

family dentistry los angelesRisks involved in tooth filling

There are chances of the arising of tooth sensitivity immediately after the completion of deep filling. However normalcy is restored within a few days or about a couple of weeks from the day of filling. There may be a need of root can treatment if the problem persists. As the time goes by there are chances the fillings might freeze, chip or break in such cases. Hence it is recommended the get the dental crown replaced instead of filling it as it may lead to fracture or fractures.

There is no reason why fillings will not last for a long all that is required is good monitoring and maintenance. Studies have proved time and again that composite fillings easily last for a decade. The longevity of the fillings can increased for more time if people brush and floss the teeth, reducing the intake of sugar and something what very important is the people must be touch with their dentist at least twice a year if not more so that it would be helpful to check the fillings on a regular basis.

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