The Best Way to Use espresso machine

Preparing a finished espresso beverage requires a dedicated machine to deliver the high pressure hot water needed to handle this particular type of finely ground coffee and powder. Thicker than drip coffee, usually a small amount of espresso is served, often in the form of a shot. However, it is very common to see espresso being mixed with other beverages such as cappuccino and latte in an attempt to reduce the strong taste and caffeine levels.

Before trying to use an espresso machine, you will likely need an espresso grinder and espresso beans, a Demitasse cup, and water. When dealing with the water problem associated with using an espresso machine, it is recommended to keep in mind that bottled spring water is not the best choice for your espresso machine.

For an overview of how to use your espresso machine, below are example instructions:

You will pour clean cold water into the water tank of your car. The boiler cover of your unit must be closed. To prepare a shot of espresso, you will need 30 ml of water. It takes two ounces for a double shot. Depending on your espresso machine, it can make up to four portions at a time.

Then you will remove any dirt that is on the sides and top of the filter. The filter holder is then placed in the espresso machine, read more at

Freshly Brewed Coffee

If your machine came with a glass jug, this is the time you put the jug under the spout. When the jug is out of stock, a cup is enough. Turn on the coffee machine, and over time the water will heat up to the desired temperature and then push through the coffee grounds.

The perfect shot of espresso provides a brown froth on top of the coffee as it begins to drain into the container. When the foam starts to pale, it means that the better tasting liquid is no longer coming out of the machine. Remove the mug or pitcher quickly.


When looking for the right bean for your espresso machine, you should be aware that specially selected, and roasted options are available at major supermarket chains or speciality coffee shops. Serious espresso aficionados usually buy an espresso grinder and make their ground coffee before brewing.


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