Being a student is hard enough as there are so many responsibilities to bear; from  having to get to class on time, going through boring lectures, bringing in assignment and project as at when due, studying for tests and exam and covering the syllabus before sitting for the paper and the depilating effect on your social life. Getting good grades after months of studying and commitment to your books brings a feeling of satisfaction. Sometimes, even after putting your all, your grades are not satisfactory and you are fed up and you just want to give up. Have you ever thought that maybe you have been going about it the wrong way? I’d like to share a few simple ideas on how to help you pull through. Check attraction tix reviews for more tips!

  • Understand yourself

As a student, you must understand your strengths, weakness, and interest. You need to uncover what study method that works well for you. There is no need to imitate anyone.  Take a pen and paper and make an outline of the things you have been doing in the past and modify them, you can also add and remove from the list.

  • Invest in the class

It is not enough to just be present in a class but you need to be invested in making the most out of your stay in the class taking Casa Batlo and Sagrada Familia as a case study. Some lecturers don’t give out notes, they just come to class and ramble on about a topic. You need to be present to be able to grasp the concept he’s laying down. Also taking your notes is very important as copying someone else’s note might be fatal if he/she wrote down incorrect statements. Ask questions if you’re confused in the course of the lecture; you might be too shy to ask in the class but as soon as the lecturer steps out, follow him and politely tender your inquiries.

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  • Procrastination

Never procrastinate studying your books until a few weeks to test or exams. Before retiring for the night, go through all the new stuff you learned for the day. This helps to keep them fresh in your memory. If possible, go further to review the next day’s work. Reading every day keeps your brain sharp and in shape. During test and exam, you won’t need to overload your brain with information which you may easily forget.

  • Health

For optimal performance, you need to be in good health. Eat a balanced diet regularly and brain foods such as walnut, eggs, green tea, fish, salmon, avocados and almonds should be included in the diet to enhance brain performance. Sleep is also essential for good health. You need to sleep well to relax your brain so you can think well.

  • Test/ exam mode

In any exam/ test, the first and most important thing to do is, read the instructions carefully.  In answering questions, focus first on those you know so as not to be discouraged. Then move on to those you are not quite sure of and attempt them. When you are satisfied that you have answered all you can, take a deep breath and look over your work. Remember to work with time, it’s better to finish before the stop time so you can go through all your answers carefully once more.

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