Intelligent and trusted solutions for underlayment from ARDEX

Underlayment is essential for all commercial or home projects. It has a lot of benefits and pros. Let us discuss this here.

What is underlayment?

Underlayment commonly refers to a thin layer of material having cushioning properties such as foam felt, crumb rubber, sponge rubber, or recycled plastic. This material is placed under carpeting to give comfort steps, reduce the usage on the carpet, and provide non-conduction against moisture, sound, and heat.

Need for underlayment

The structure of the floor has three main layers such as floor covering, underlayment, and subfloor. Before installing the underlayment and flooring covering make sure all the subfloor surfaces are good and well prepared for primers. The underlayment helps in reducing the wear of the flooring

  1. It is easily applicable
  2. Reduce the labour count
  3. Prevent the growth of microorganisms
  4. Hardens the concrete in a homogeneous way
  5. Subfloor imperfections are solved
  6. Increase the adhesion for flooring

It is required when installing vinyl plank flooring above the concrete subfloors. Concrete is more vulnerable to absorb and retain moisture. Moisture preventing system should be installed to avoid high moisture content.

The Material used for underlay

Whether it is the carpets or tiling installations to give the level, flat and smooth surface an additional underlayment with the given special flowing features is required. It gives long life with greater performance.

ARDEX provides underlay material that suits all your area of installation and they are more durable. ARDEX provides a range of solutions from carpet underlay material to vinyl underlay material. The solutions and services provided by the ARDEX are more comfortable and protectable against moisture.

ARDEX provides flooring solutions such as floor levelling, underlay waterproofing, and more for a wide range of projects includes such as indoor, outdoor, domestic, and commercial.

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