If you are suffering from back pain, then contact Novena

As we all suffer from different back pains and it is a common ailment that is experienced by so many people in the world. The pain when turns to be chronic then is referred to by the persistence of pain for more than three to four months. And the reason behind this pain is very common which include disc problem, degenerative arthritis, and muscle injuries too. Many people in Singapore suffer from back pain every day due to age-related degeneration or injuries. The Novena center also treats facial pain singapore you can ask for it too.

Get the treatment

You will get the best specialist at Novena, where tests like MRIs are needed for getting an accurate diagnosis of the pain. It all depends upon the condition, and your spine pain doctors at the novena center will prescribe the necessary details about the medication which is required. And they also offer tailored interventional pain treatments to manage your back pain and give you relief. If you don’t know how to check that your back pain is chronic is not, then check for persistence of back pain more than seven days. Check the pain radiating through any of the limbs and if you get a tingling or numbing sensation. If you unexpectedly lost weight and you don’t know-how then the problem is chronic. Your bladder or bowel incontinence is there. And you are feeling more weakness in any of the limbs of the body.

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