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Perhaps the most famous printing strategies around, custom printing is a very much attempted and tried strategy for printing, with the soonest custom print recorded over a century prior.

This strategy for printing includes a custom printing singapore to move a plan onto a base, along these lines the name custom printing. The initial step to the custom printing measure includes making a printing outline, where the plan is imprinted onto a custom with the goal that the ink can be moved.

The edge is then positioned onto a T-shirt, and utilizing a scrubber, the tones are screened (one layer for each tone, up to a limit of four tones), for the picture to be moved over from the edge to the T-shirt.

Get Custom T-Shirts in Singapore with Us print your class/CCA/Event shirt

Steadily requiring something exceptional to wear on your uncommon occasion or gathering? Come share with us your inventive thoughts and have them imprinted onto shirts! Inventive prints can likewise be made as presents for unique events! We have T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies in a wide scope of excellent tones! Reasonable for your group shirts, occasion shirts, corporate shirts, and CCA shirts!

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Our Work

From CCA shirts, class shirts, to organization regalia, occasion shirts, and even family group shirts, you can don’t hesitate to make your custom shirts in Singapore with us. Have a good time printing your thoughts onto various clothes!

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