Relieve Stress And Boredom By Playing Grand Theft Auto 5

A few weeks ago I bought GTA IV with the hope of a great online game, shortly after studying many grades, which gave me good grades. All right … I have an amazing online game! The problem is that I really do not think this is the most incredible video game (you heard me) of the collection. But I sincerely believe that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas may be the perfect name for a game in the GTA series.

Definitely, GTA IV is a great online game. The game seems fantastic, sounds great and very easy. I do not want to talk about how good GTA IV is, you can read the review if you wish. I really need to explain why it’s not as good as San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto 5 in

So, here are two factors why GTA IV is just not as good as GTA San Andreas and GTA 5:

1 Scope:

GTA IV is created in an urban environment, less than in San Andreas. However, this is not the size of the map, which makes me much better like San Andreas, this is the range. In IV, you have a metropolis, a city, a city … just a community. In San Andreas, you have a community, a desert, a country, a forest, a mountain, a secret military base, etc.

When traveling around San Andreas, you really feel like you are traveling through the state, visiting completely different landscapes and people. It seems that you are developing in life (oddly enough). In GTA IV this is not the same. It’s more like you can move around the city without much variety.

GTA San Andreas

  1. History:

The plot in GTA IV, although attractive, does not match San Andreas. I just assume that the characters are more exciting, and this makes the story more compelling. Samuel L. Jackson – one of the voice over in San Andreas.

The San Andreas score is what drives the game. Gang wars and related things are interesting, but what really makes you keep playing will be an adventure. It is true that history is regularly collected in cities and unique landscapes, so it is much more interesting. In GTA IV, the plot is relatively intriguing, but I do not think it moves the game over other attempts.

So, here it is, Grand Theft Auto IV is a great name for the game, although

It’s not as good as gta 5 kostenlos and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas because volume and plot of the game.

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