Leonyx: The New Fashion Street Style of 71 Export Shop

The fashion industry is a fast-moving industry coming up with new clothes, trends and fashion styles practically on a daily basis. The fashion industry is spread across the globe, each country having its own brand and styles and shops to help the locals be trendsetters. Similarly, Leonyx is a Thai street style brand, the concept, and vision that they go by is that “It is Art” refereeing to the clothes and material used to make those clothes. Leonyx believes is detail and that every detail is art in itself, the brand is well known and very famous amongst the locals of Thailand.

71 export shop

The logo of the company is a Tiger face and Leonyx itself comes from the reference of a Big Cat family, also known as Felidae. Along with the tiger face are 3 stripes and a star, representing honor and pride. The company is known to be associated 71 export shop, which is a huge market in Bangkok, Thailand that sells all sorts of brands including Leonyx, the brands are usually those of East Asian cultural sphere.

Export Shop of Thailand

In 71 export shop, you will find high end East Asian companies that sell trendy, new collection fashion of the year. The export shop allows local to be connected and purchase fashion items of good quality but at a cheaper or more affordable rate. Within the export shop, Leonyx is an upcoming new brand that mixes art with fashion, using only high-quality material, giving the buyers premier street fashion pieces.

Only recently for the 2019 fashion campaign, the company has launched “Leonyx Camo 2019” the first ever dignified collection which is influenced by color and patterns used all across the globe. The matching colors, finest material used to create masterpieces and the details given to each fashion item the collection stands out and creates a mark of its own in the market.

The new collection, new styles and unique idea of art being in every detail of fashion are what that has created Leonyx a fast emerging, new brand of street fashion. The logo of the company has a unique story and distinguishes itself from the other brands. 71 export shop, has many outlets, mostly factory outlets of brands under one roof. Leonyx is just on such a street fashion brand that has emerged to the top, you may look around and find more brands that offer quality clothes and fast fashion style.

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