Are Durian Good For My Health?

Mao Shan Wang, Durians, and many more varieties are some highly popular durian cultivars that people will across when they are out buying the butter durian Singapore. During the peak season between June & September– there is an increase in the durian harvests, and providing higher chances for the durian fans to enjoy this fruit at a good price. This fruit is called King of Fruits, but do you know it is one superfruit too? This buttery and energy-rich fruit comes packed with a lot of essential nutrients.

Mao Shan Wang Variety

Though you will find many varieties of durian in the market, however, Mao Shan Wang stays at the best selection amongst the locals. The Mao Shan Wang has an unusual combination of sweet and bitter flesh all enriched in one single fruit. It means you will not come to know what surprise you will get until you have a bite. Let us check out some health benefits of durians:

Helps to improve sleep

Are you a bit surprised? Yes, durians will make you sleep peacefully and improves the quality of sleep. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that is present in durian and gets converted to melatonin; it is a kind of hormone that helps in controlling the sleep cycle. If there are higher levels of melatonin, then it becomes simple to fall asleep.

The best source of energy

Another popular benefit of durian is it is a wonderful pre-workout snack. High in carbohydrates, this fruit gives instant energy that will keep you strong during your workout session.

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