Many Benefits of Using Vanilla Gift Card

Online transactions can now be done without complete ease thanks to vanilla gift card. The gift card removes any stress associated with online transaction and also makes it easy for you to shop at millions of retail stores across the country.  You will also not be charged a fee for opening a Vanilla Gift Virtual Account. Since there is no monthly fee, it means your money will never reduce if you do not spend it on any transaction. However, you will have to pay for each transaction you make with the vanilla prepaid MasterCard. Even the charge is very low compared to what you will have to pay when you use cards belonging to other companies.

Fraud-poof transaction

There is a 100% assurance of security when you carry out any transaction using your vanilla gift card.  The website is secure and nothing will ever go wrong with your virtual account. Since inception to date, no vanilla gift card holder had ever complained about any fraud. This gives an assurance that you too will never have any cause to complain at all when you use the vanilla prepaid MasterCard for your online and in—store transactions.

The transactions will be done very fast and you will also receive an alert to that effect.  However, some retailers require some waiting period before the fund is made available so that they can prevent fraud and also see to it that the funds are safely and fully loaded. Your interest is central to the activities provided at this outlet. The longest you will have to wait for the fund to be available on your card is 24 hours; many clients get their funds loaded within the first hour.

Outstanding customer service

The customer is king as far as vanilla gift card is concerned.  The outlet provides topnotch customer service that ensures a consistent confidence of the customers at all times.  You can contact the customer service by filling the short form on their website or by sending them an email. You can equally communicate via phone call for an instant reply to your request about the services provided here.

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