Have new dreams while sleeping on the water

            If you’re travelling to Florida and you need a place to stay don’t rent out a room. Try something new, something you haven’t done before. You can get the experience and if you like it you can always try it again. I mean renting a room is too basic these times, people want something extravagant and fun. That’s exactly why you should book a sailboat airbnb key west fl. You can spend you nights in a boat, almost as if you were sailing the days away. It worth a shot, and you can get a different experience.

 What to expect?

            Now this isn’t like some hotel room, with a big bed and fancy sheets and stuff. It’s a cabin in a boat. So you have to consider the space, it won’t be as spacious as you may want it to be, but you will have enough room. So don’t worry it won’t be crowded. There will be two private cabins each with a bathroom. It will also consist of couch, which can also double as sleeping space. So usually you can fit about 6 people in it. You will also have a TV for your entertainment, a stove, and cutlery. What more could you ask for.

The extra features.

            A sailboat Airbnb in Key West, Florida is amazing, it’s like your actually sailing across the seven seas. The best feature of staying in a sailboat is the view, you can wake up to a sunrise in the water, a truly spectacular view. But there is so much more, now these sailboats are located in the Isle of the View. Here you can get out of your cabins and if you wish to hit the pool, or work out you can, there is a fitness centre for all guests. There are also laundry, and showering facilities. So as you can see you can enjoy the water and hotel facilities.

The reservations.

            When booking this you can go straight to the Airbnb site and choose which place you desire to be, after that all you have to do is relax. Or you can also book straight from the site; sailisleofview.com, they are a form you can fill out so you can explain all the details you want and they will be happy to supply it for you. Another is you can call them and book ahead. Overall it is easy and you can enjoy your view.

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