Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service In Calgary, AB Methods

Do you have a plan to clean the carpets yourself? Sure, you can choose to clean office carpets yourself or ask your workers to do it. However, engaging a commercial carpet cleaning service in Calgary, AB to accomplish the task can save you. Keeping your carpets clean in a commercial setting is a challenging task that requires regular housekeeping and clean-up. Getting this straight will mean that your carpets will be durable and prevent expensive replacement.

Now, it is time to discuss commercial Carpet cleaning methods one by one.

  1. Steam cleaning or hot water extraction method:

It works by spraying a mixture of water and special cleaning agents at elevated temperatures to loosen up the dirt and other pollutants in your carpet. Once the soil is off, a powerful vacuum cleaner sucks it in and leaves your carpet new. It`s the most common and environmentally friendly way to clean carpets.

  1. Foam dry cleaning:

In this method, shampoo is applied to your carpet with the help of an aerosol container. The foam is worked into the carpet using a dry sponge. Once the shampoo is dry, the cleaner vacuum the shampoo and soil residues. This is not much effective method.

  1. Chemical dry cleaning:

The carpet is sprinkled with organic and non-toxic chemicals using a brusher machine. The carpet is then allowed to dry for approximately one hour, followed by a deep vacuum to remove the suspended dirt.

  1. Carpet Shampooing:

This method uses special dry detergents containing deodorants and lighteners. A machine shakes the detergent inside the carpet to help remove dirt. It will then be removed by using a vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately, much of the microbes and dirt will reappear later.

  1. Bonnet cleaning:

It involves a large cotton bonnet in the shape of a circle placed on a tool, allowing the bonnet to rotate. This rotating bonnet absorbs soil from your carpet surface fibres.

Commercial carpet cleaning methods are an area of expertise that should be considered a priority. A carpet works just like you are heating or air-conditioning filter. It captures all sorts of bacteria, allergens, mites, dust, pollen, or other nasty things, that can cause problems for workers who have allergies. So, commercially eliminating these pollutants will surely benefit business owners and their employees.

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