Lettering – Make your art in writing

Are you interested in doing those wonderful letter drawing? It is not just writing. It is an art of drawing. For this it is not necessary for you to have good hand writing. Not all beautiful handwriting makes beautiful l letters. It’s a misconception. Unlike calligraphy, lettering is an art of drawing. For this you do not have to make perfect strokes with special pen. It is more or less like drawing shapes. Lettering can be done with any kind of pen or pencil around you. We can hear you! Obviously good tools give perfect result. Similarly, perfect drawing tools can give better result in your lettering. This also makes consistent shapes. Next comes the question, where and how to learn lettering? It does not more effort to do this. If you have keen observation of how the pen moves, you can make it out without struggle. As per the saying ‘practice makes a man perfect’, if you observe and try all these practically lettering is not a hectic process to progress.

There is nothing like impossible. So lettering is not an exception. There are so many ways for you explore yourself inside lettering. Familiarize yourself into all font styles and get into those fonts unique method of approach. In progress, you have to know about all the letter strokes and flow. If you want to learn a letter with much effort, then it is recommended for you to experience one at a time. Get to know that letter more and make yourself expert in that letter. If you take a letter to practice analyze its history of strikes and learn everything from the start. This way of learning makes you an expert and professional in lettering without any guidance. In these years with the approach of online material, you do not need any guidance for sure but you will need a source to learn. You can check https://www.skillshare.com for exploring yourself into the world of lettering.

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