About Bitcoin Currency Get News Different Way

One of the most important aspects that Bitcoin has enabled is the so-called trust. This is a kind of trust where we don’t need to trust any centralized issuing institutions or superior bodies. This eliminates the worries that anyone will ever be able to block or appropriate our bitcoin news  if we adhere to the basic principles of internet security.

Can bitcoin be money?

Money is a tangible or intangible asset known as a means of economic exchange as a result of general consent. For the sake of convenience and equal conversion, all prices and values ​​of goods or services are expressed in it. In the past, they were e.g., pebbles or shells, today we have banknotes and electronically saved balances.

Bitcoin is a network

BTC is the internet currency and works thanks to the P2P network (i.e., one in which all users have equal rights). No one controls or exercises supreme authority over the Bitcoin network. This infrastructure has no general manager or superior owner who would directly benefit from its operation. bitcoin news is a digital currency maintained by a community in which everyone has the same rights and privileges.


Thanks to this, despite the anonymity of each member of the network separately, all activities are fully transparent and visible to other participants “on the palm of your hand.” Any changes made to the Bitcoin protocol must be approved democratically by the appropriate number of network users. Bitcoin’s creator himself – Satoshi Nakamoto – would have little to say about protocol changes if the community did not support his ideas.

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