Using the Portable and Wireless POS Printer

The mobile wireless printers appear to be an amazing addition for any business. They will allow you print from anywhere even in the outdoor location through the wireless connection. Suppose you want the mobile POS system with printer, here are a few things that you have to know before making your purchase.

Who Wants the Mobile Printer?

Anybody who has the mobile business may need the mobile POS printer. You might have the food truck, small stall at the local flea market or pop-up store. Doesn’t matter what type of business you run, you need to give the customers receipts for the legal reasons. And these receipts are important for helping you with the taxes and accounting. With the portable printer and tablet-POS wireless, you will generate the receipts with each transaction. If you want this, the digital email receipt will be emailed to customers email id by the POS system.

Benefits of the Portable Wireless POS Printer

An immediate benefit of the portable, POS wireless system is given here:

  • Compatibility – The wireless printers generally work with each operating system. They make use of wireless connections for interacting with the store POS system & print receipts. For ensuring compatibility, it will be the good idea for buying the printer from same vendor that sold the POS system.
  • Small Size – Not like traditional receipt printers, the mobile versions are small and portable. The average printer weighs around 5 pounds and measures just 13″x7″ and 3 inch high. The compact printers are accessible and they might be smaller. But, when printer size gets reduced, manufacturer generally reduces features that are offered in a printer. Suppose you need the specific size, contact the POS vendor and ask for the specific printer size.

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