CLA: Does Conjugated Linoleic Acid Really Help You Lose Weight?

CLA,  conjugated linoleic acid , is a natural supplement that has  become very popular among athletes, but also among those looking to get back into shape. It is a fatty acid found naturally in the meat and milk of grazing animals , which is used to reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass in humans Best Weight loss pills.

But can you really fight fat with fat?

Numerous studies have shown that CLA is an effective anti-fat, at least in animals . Mice, pigs and hamsters fed a CLA supplemented diet lost a significant amount of body fat compared to control animals Good supplements for weight loss.

CLA also appears to increase lean body mass , which refers to all body tissues (mostly muscle) minus fat. In one study, mice supplemented with CLA not only lost body fat, but also showed a statistically significant 14% increase in lean mass compared to control animals.

But are these benefits seen in the hips in humans?

More than 30 clinical trials have attempted to answer this question and the results have been controversial .

In a randomized, double-blind study, Norwegian researchers studied 60 overweight or obese men / women who took either olive oil (placebo) or one of four doses of CLA (1.7 g / day, 3.4 g / day, 5.1 g / day or 6.8 g / day) for 12 weeks. Compared to controls, all those who took CLA, regardless of dosage, showed a reduction in body fat, although the results were more significant in subjects who took 3.4 g / day or more.

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